Book Writing Service – Editing, Copyediting & Proofreading

I’ve showcased these 3 skills together, as they often form part of the same package. Put very simply, an editor changes the words, a copyeditor alters the style, and a proofreader checks it all over for accuracy.

I want to do something splendid… Something heroic or wonderful that won’t be forgotten after I’m dead. I think I shall write books.Louisa May Alcott




  • Pick the skill you require – pay for what you need
  • Ability to tailor the role to your requirements
  • Undertaking all roles lends consistency


  • An editor stops you from ‘getting too close’
  • Experienced writer who knows what works
  • Deadlines keep you on track


  • Books written and edited online
  • Track changes and comments simplify the process
  • Compliant with a wide range of word processing packages


  • Initial conversation & define needs/aims
  • Undertaking of test page/short chapter
  • Regular calls (as required) to discuss and review work
  • 1 draft and re-draft
  • Presentation of finished, indexed manuscript


  • Decide which services are required
  • As a rough rule of thumb, engage an editor at the outset, a copyeditor midway through, and a proofreader at the conclusion.
  • Depending upon needs, establish a Scope of Work, Style Guide & Timetable
  • Work through chapter by chapter


  • Price on application

Case Study – ‘Soft Skills for Strong Leaders’


‘Soft Skills for Strong Leaders’ is a book designed to help professionals prepare for the challenge of leadership, and once there, how to manage to process effectively. There are 10 chapters, each with real-life case studies to illustrate how management theories have worked in practice, together with workbook review sections.

Easy to read, practical and down to earth, the essential handbook for first time managers.Roger Black, World Champion and Olympic medallist



  • Edit the raw copy to create a consistent voice and tone
  • Suggestions and ideas to capture the readers’ attention
  • Design a coherent structure for the chapters
  • Convey the management theories in an easy-to-read format


  • Excellent external feedback from customers –
    very easy to read
  • Client delighted that the book clearly reflects her message
  • Potential for the hard copy to be turned into an
    e-learning book

Client view

Inviting an outsider to scrutinize, critique and then ideally enhance many months of writing and re-writing was quite a daunting step.

Matt put me at ease instantly.

He showed a genuine interest in the subject matter, and helped me to create a more professional and consistent style of writing to suit my audience. I trusted his comments on sections that needed condensing or expanding, and welcomed his ideas and suggestions to enhance the content.

Once the book finally went to print, Matt was still on hand to help create and circulate a press release, which has definitely helped promote the book.

I always find it interesting when people pick up the book and say instantly that it ‘looks great’. I know that it’s down to the structure and layout of the chapters – which Matt helped to create. I couldn’t have produced what you see now without him.Helen Isacke – Crown Coaching